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 Products: Breathing Air Module




Model CFM PSIG HP Stages of Compression
BAM04 5.8 5000 5 3
BAM05 8.6 5000 7.5 3
BAM06 13.1 5000 10 4
BAM06H 14 6000 10 4
BAM07 18.7 5000 15 4
BAM07H 20.7 6000 15 4
BAM08 25.3 5000 20 4
BAM08H 27 6000 20 4
BAM09 30.6 5000 25 4
BAM09H 33.2 6000 25 4


Breathing Air Module (BAM)

The Breathing Air Module was designed to meet the rigors and performance requirements of today's most active fire departments. This design allows the fire department to install the compressor cabinet up against a wall, thus saving precious floor space. Features include the following:

Vertical steel cabinet houses pressure bearing
  components for operator safety.

Cabinet incorporates sound attenuation
  material for reduced noise levels.

Five hinged maintenance access panels. Four
  panels can be removed from the cabinet
  without the use of hand tools.

Designed to incorporate both three and four
  stage compressors.

Time tested "V" configured, four stage
  compressor incorporates piston rings on all
  stages for maximum compression efficiency.

Single or three phase electric motor (10 hp
  maximum for single phase).

Stainless steel control panel with 1-4 stage
  pressure gauges, oil pressure gauge (4 stage
  models), hour meter, on/off button,
  emergency stop button, shutdown light
  package, inlet filter restriction indicator.

Automatic condensate drain with steel

Purification system designed to deliver
  Grade "E" breathing air

Optional equipment available such as
  Cartridge Monitor or Carbon Monoxide Monitor
  are mounted directly onto the stainless steel
  operations panel.