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 Products: Air Trailer



Model CFM PSIG HP Stages of Compression
5406BA-T 13.1 5000 14/15 4
5406HBA-T 14 6000 14/15 4
5407BA-T 18.7 5000 23/20 4
5407HBA-T 20.7 6000 23/20 4
5408BA-T 25.3 5000 NA/30 4
5408HBA-T 27 6000 NA/30 4
5409BA-T 30.6 5000 NA/30 4
5409HBA-T 33.2 6000 NA/30 4


Air Trailer

The CompAir Mako 5400 series trailer combines our continuous duty, four stage breathing air compressor along with an air storage system, fill station and control package all in one rugged, dual axle trailer. Trailer features include the following:

Welded, tubular steel frame enclosure with structural
  steel C channel trailer frame.

7000 pound GVW dual axle trailer incorporates surge"
  brakes with hydraulic dampeners.

Time tested "V" configured, four stage compressor
  incorporates piston rings on all stages for maximum
  compression efficiency.

Designed to incorporate both three and four stage

Gasoline or diesel powered with 12 volt starting.

Stainless steel control panel with 1-4 stage pressure
  gauges, oil pressure gauge, hour meter, on/off
  button, emergency stop button and shutdown light

Air management panel includes 0-6000 psi adjustable
  regulator, two bank cascade control and two SCBA fill
  valves with gauges, compressor bypass valve.

Automatic condensate drain .

Purification system designed to deliver Grade "E"
  breathing air

Two position fill station utilizes two, 5/8 inch wall
  thickness aluminum SCBA sleeves.

Tool storage cabinet with curbside storage for up to
  six SCBA's.

Spare tire with rim.

Optional equipment available such as Cartridge
  Monitor, Carbon Monoxide Monitor, dual electric and
  engine drive, and an air reel are available.